Tarasola Technic New is an enhanced version of our popular Technic model, designed for even greater comfort and functionality. It is a bioclimatic model with a roof consisting of 135° rotating aluminum profiles. The smooth adjustment of the louvre’s angle provides full control over sunlight, allowing natural ventilation and free airflow.

In the new version of Tarasola Technic New, we have introduced a series of significant changes that contribute to even better user experience and product efficiency.

  • A new louvre and an additional gutter ensure excellent water drainage.
  • One of the key modifications is a larger dimension of the individual module, now measuring 450×700 cm. This gives you more space for relaxation and leisure in the open air.
  • In Tarasola Technic New, we have also decided to eliminate screw connections in favor of a greater number of “click” type connections, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the installation process.
  • Another improvement is the larger dimension of the legs at 13×13 cm. This enhances the stability and robustness of the construction, providing you with safety and durability for many years.

Tarasola Technic New can be fully enclosed, allowing you to extend the season from early spring to late autumn.

135-degree rotating louvres.
Solid aluminum construction.
Automatically controlled roofing.
Modular assembly.
Increased module size.
New louvre.
Additional gutter.


  • Pavilon

  • Gardena

  • Tende


Louver colours
Construction colours

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