Wave is a pergola with a canopy controlled manually. It impress with its soft and delicate design, yet is a robustly made aluminium construction. Its wavy fabric is pleasing to look at, but provides effective protection against rain and the sun. We recommend a varnish imitating of wood for a unique look. Our goal was a unique look similar to made of wooden canopies  from which design was originally borrowed.

Perfect solution for:

  • Restaurants

Tech-protect fabric
Manual control
Resistant to wind, 120 km/h.
Modern design


  • Technic

  • Cubic

  • Wave

  • Loft

  • Flat

  • Simple

  • Light

  • Elegancy

  • Essential

  • Carport


Kleur van de overkapping
Kleur van de constructie

je gedroomde Tarasola

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