Cubic terrace canopy is a roofing with a very regular cubic structure. This product is a great option for the design offices, architects as well as for individual people who appreciate originality. This type of canopy in a free-standing option which looks inimitable, making it possible to cover an area bigger than 72m² with its one module. Cubic terrace canopy was designed so as to resemble a cube. Right angles used in the design enable us to incorporate additional equipment. System of the sliding glass-panels or shading blinds closes the architectural form, protecting from the bad weather conditions and highlighting its geometrical design. Cubic pergola is resistant to rain, warming up and UV. Rain water is drained off through the hidden guttering system. Full automation of managing the canopy guarantees smooth, convenient and discreet control. Thanks to the possibility of having the construction painted in a colour of your choice, Cubic tarasola suits every project.

Perfect solution for:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

Tech-protect fabric
Automatic control
Resistant to wind, 120 km/h.
Modern design


  • Pavilon

  • Gardena


Louver colours
Construction colours

je gedroomde Tarasola

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